1 NOVEMBER | 2012

Questions about life that I am trying to answer:

– How to live authentically…what does that even mean really?  For some reason I feel l like it’s only attainable after I have a little house, with a garden, chickens, old Persian rugs, and a perfectly fulfilling job and friends.  How do you live authentically where you are with what you have?

– In what ways does God show himself?  What do I believe of Him?  How do I learn about Him?  What does that mean in my day-to-day life?  How does he help the individual answer the hard questions about life?

– Why am I so afraid to let go and truly, unabashedly love?  Why do I block parts of myself off?

Things I’d like to grow:

-Lemons for preserves



Dwarf grey sugar pea


One day Kelly marched into work, carrying a large box. One by one she placed pictures of her family and cards from friends as positive reminders. She renewed her self-worth by considering ways she could give something personal to each client or co-worker — a word of encouragement, a sympathetic ear, or a prayer for their circumstances. “In the beginning, I felt like such a failure when not getting sales that I practiced self-depreciation. But after I dedicated myself to giving not getting, I had an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment. It was as if I was losing the ability to worry!”


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