27 November | 2012

Architecture as an Eden.  There’s a natural swimming pool in this month’s issue of House Beautiful, it is located in New York state at the home of Wendy Goidell and was designed by Massachusetts based Chris Rawlings of Water House.  This seems to be the perfectly fitting outdoor puzzle piece for my idea of the house as a sanctuary.



Water House

Now I am trying to figure out what my definition of “modern architecture” is.  I think that I have realized that I am not meant to push the mold in the ways that most young architecture students are, I am not going to push the adaptive skins, tectonic finishes, swooping sky domes that reach out to sea.  I am going to push the envelope in the use of color, real color in my designs, hot pink, turquoise, gold; I am going to use color in a way that the lowest common denominator (your average Joe & Jane Homebuyer) will understand and love.  That makes it sound dumbed down and basic but I don’t think it will be.  I see the use of color coming out in the materials.  The turquoise of oxidized iron, the gold of brass, the pastel hues of overflowing gardens of succulents.

My “modern architecture” will be a bit of modern + a dash of traditional + a smidgen of rustic/raw.  That will be my definition and signature of “modern architecture.”  Simple is better but sometimes harder.  Simple will be my modern.


Natural swimming pools remind me of cenotes, which I feel in love with in Mexico.



1| 2

Why do I like cenotes and natural swimming pools?  An exercise is explaining myself.

Because they are dreamy and utopian like and would make me feel part of nature.  I imagine lounging in one with a cold beer watching the bugs buzzing around in the sun.  They are environmentally friendly and give creatures a place to habitat.  They are organic and delight the senses and emotions.  The colors and textures are beautifully combined.  They are raw and rough and wild but oh so articulate and intentional.  Magical.


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