2 December | 2012

I’ve decided, as of right now, that wealthy people who use their money to big build extravagant homes, are a little bit lost in the whole sense of the world.  There’s a show on HGTV called million dollar rooms, and not a single of those rooms appeal to me.  There’s a quote that says that the only happiness that money can buy is travel.  No doubt that if Martin and I get rich that I’ll want a nice house, but it will still be modest in size.  I would spend more money on the finishes to get what I really thought was the most beautiful and best quality but I will not ever be putting in a home theater, huge wine cellar, private spa grotto, ice skating rink, or something ridiculous like that.  If I want to watch a movie I’ll go to a theater, if I want to see an ancient wine cellar I’ll take a trip to Tuscany.


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