5 December | 2012

I wish everything I knew could somehow be combined on a web, to see how things I know/learned/experienced related to one another.  Like these kolams or “painted prayers” – I’m sure they will come around in my subconscious again, or show themselves somehow in my designs, or my design manifesto.

Martin and I frequently discuss the meaning of our lives and our place in the world/society at large.  I’ve come to think that if our community relations, as a whole society, were larger and more authentic/deep that we would find more meaning in our lives.  Because I no longer subscribe to the thinking that I will, as one person, save the world.  And I think so many people are still trying to do this.  My thinking goes like this: “I want to stop world hunger.”  So I help feed everyone there is to feed in the world successfully, but then someone has a baby.  It’s impossible for just me to end world hunger.  There will always be more mouths to feed.”  I do think that each and every one of us can make a difference on a smaller more personal scale.  Because part of me thinks that the whole point of life is love.  To give love, find love, and be loved.  And if we were all immersed in a community where we truly knew our neighbors and the deli owner around the corner, we would know how to help them (love them) in the way that they need it most.  Say the cousin of a friend who lives a block away just had a baby, I could go over to her house and help clean, or cook them a nice meal.  Say the elderly woman who lives upstairs has to go to the hospital for surgery but needs her dog to be walked, I could walk her dog.  Things like that.  Because as it stands now communities are transient and and they aren’t as deep rooted as they once used to be.

My question is, how does designing and building homes for someone help the community?  Especially when my favorite type of home is one that has lots of private spaces and is seen as a retreat, a safe spot away from the world?  So very welcoming and enclosing once you are invited in, but how does that help connect people outside?

My portfolio as a manifesto.  Each page has a blurb or pop-out that illustrates how it works to reinforce my overarching views on design, architectural and interior.


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