6 December | 2012

I want to remember this.  This evening I was giving the dogs their normal post-work walk and we went to the park on the corner of Memorial and Western.  There was a boy, maybe 10 or 12 on a scooter, riding around.  I could see him smile a little bit at the dogs (in all their winter puffy jackets) as we walked by.  We do our business in the park (literally) and then start heading back towards home, when I turn a corner and see the boy again.  This time he is smiling a little, but seriously holding back a really big happy grin, until he couldn’t any longer.  It was catching and I realized I was giving him a real, authentic, happy grin right back.  (:

His smile reminded me of Joe in a way, how Joe tries to hold back a grin, but you know he wants to give you a cheese-eating smile, until he can’t hold it back any longer.  The split second of hesitation between the start of a grin and the real big shabanging grin!  And that was what was most enlivening for me, because I smile a lot at the people I pass on the street, but it’s a tight lipped, polite smile, with a quick dart of the eyes back to the ground to break contact.  But it was different with the boy, it made me feel happy to be alive inside.

Was it because he was a kid?  Because he didn’t care what was polite or that he doesn’t realize that the social norm is to only make half a connection with people you pass on the street?  Did we connect because I too think our dogs are the most ridiculously cute things in the world?

Later: Listening to Alabama’s “I’m in a hurry and don’t know why” and just thought to myself, there really is nothing better than architecture and design.  I feel so lucky to have found something that truly lights me up.

You can’t have the new without the old.

I like the idea of concrete stairs but don’t think they would very comfortable underfoot.  The same goes for steel stairs. 


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