7 December | 2012

This morning I went to watch a few of the GSD architecture students’ final review, and these were my notes:

-Dorm + Theater + Studio on Mass. Ave

-Asked: How do you get into the building? She had no answer.

– A twisty building would make me nervous (as the occupant and observer, probably as the engineer also)

-Reviews as platforms for the critics to talk about their interests in architecture

-Boring Models – Boring Drawings – Flashy Renders

-Have to be able to relate to men –> my work (because they are the majority of the reviewers – see below)

-4/5 reviewers were men

Where do we [architects] make people’s lives better?

You are an important young architect, moved her to tears.

-Q: How to draw people up a large mixed-use building? A: It’s the same as my “secret spaces” in homes.  Allow visual “peeks.”

-Look @ my 1970’s color book –> Which famous architect liked color? (:

            Here is the golden rule: With color you accentuate, you classify, you
disentangle.  With black you get stuck in the mud and you are lost.  Always say to yourself: Drawings must be easy to read.  Color will come to your rescue.

            –> Oh yeah, Corb said that!

-Final review as a conversation – Because the project is never done.

-Add diagrams – of overall design scheme, circulation, conception, private v. public


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