Spring Garden

15:27 – For a while now, well since we’ve moved into our apartment (this past July) I have been thinking that we would be moving after our lease was up.  The main thorn in my side being the lack of yard space for the dogs, it kills me to see them bored and stuck inside when I know they’d all rather be enjoying the outdoors.  So this last Saturday I went to look at an apartment nearby that has a great big yard, and let’s just say that if I thought our current place needed a fresh coat of paint, that place needed 100 coats of fresh paint along with a big ol’jug of Clorox!  I’m beginning to see our situation as a good one, $2,000 per month rent, which includes ALL utilities, a parking space, free laundry in the unit, no pet fee, a good floor plan, a chill yet attentive landlord, and outdoor space for the dogs (albeit small and without direct access from our apartment).  Though very much not our ideal I have a feeling we are going to be here until Martin graduates.

It is as if acknowledging that we’re going to be here for a while, my eyes to suddenly see and become excited for the possibilities of our apartment.  For some time now I have been craving a garden (nevermind the fact that my gardening skills and experience are zilch) but have been pushing the idea into the dusty corners of my mind, thinking it would only be possible “one day” and in our forever home.  But! But! I realized we have the perfect area to do some gardening!  And it just happens to be right outside our front door, literally.

They are looking pretty ugly being that it’s the dead of winter, but we have two raised garden beds flanking either side of our front door.  Come spring it will be the perfect spot to plant some flowers and try my hand at vegetable and herb gardening!  I am so excited for my garden that I started to plan it out this afternoon.

Garden Plan 2013

It pays no mind to such things like plant spacing or light requirements (all in due time) but it gives me something to work off of!

Garden Plan 2013_Elevation_Color


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