Doggie Bathroom Shrine

It’s snowing!  And it’s spring.  ):  Once winter hit I told myself all I needed to do was get through February.  BAHAHAHA!!!  You got me Massachusetts!  For sure, you are showing this Texas transplant what a real New England winter (and spring) is like.


Our friends Jenny and Joe have two dogs, Sprout and Knute, they are being displaced from their apartment next year because their landlord is coming back from Paris and needs a place to live.   There’s a suburb? neighborhood? of Boston called Allston, which is a pretty decent place for business school students to live because it is close to campus and you generally get more for your money.  Unfortunately it’s not the “cool” place to live (not in Harvard Square, not near the hip restaurants or bars, and not near the T – which actually could be a legitimate arse-pain.)  They’ve found a potential new apartment in Allston though, that is much nicer and cheaper than their current place, and it has a fenced yard.  I am DYING of jealousy over here.  Like hardcore, no shame, ugly ugly UGLY jealous.  Then my friend Esther blogs that she might be moving to Charleston with her husband, and posts a link to another blog in which the couple just bought a fabulously charming old home.  Jealousy.  Takes. Over.  Despite telling myself all those things like “Comparison is the theft of joy” and “Good things come to those who wait.”


I have this goal to one day have our home featured in a magazine or online.  Obnoxiously I think our home is just as nicely decorated as some of the ones I see on Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge.  And if I’m totally honest, many of those homes leave me un-impressed.  Though I’m sure some people wouldn’t be all that impressed with my style either.  (:  ANYWAYS…this all led to me being like “Screw it! I’m gonna decorate in whatever way I want.”  And so the idea of a doggie shrine bathroom was born!  I thought for a while what the cheapest way to go about that was and the answer came in the form of a four-letter word.  Nope, not Etsy – too expensive, gotta cut out the middle man who knows his shit is cool.  So where do you go for cool shit sold by people who usually don’t realize it’s cool shit?  That’s right…Ebay!!!  I’m scared to tell you all my secrets!!  But I searched for “lot dog photos” and there were a surprisingly large number of listings that came up.  I gave myself a “do not exceed” price per lot (around $12 if you’re curious) and started bidding.  As of today, I have about 1/3 of our wall covered!

As a side note, if you couldn’t already tell from my Pinterest boards, I am drawn to many different styles of design.  Personally I think there is a time and a place for everything, from the rustic Norwegian cabin to the minimal concrete tower.  I joke that I need 20 houses, not that I believe in that morally, but just that I want a bohemian house, a mountain cabin, I want my city brownstone, the adobe desert casita, my crumbly Italian farmhouse, and mustn’t forget the yurt in Central Asia!  My initial intention for our Cambridge apartment was to have a calm & neutral palette, oozing with sophistication and ethnic flair.  But as I live here and begin to embrace the imperfections, I am again finding myself saying “Screw it!”, this is going to be my bohemian home.  At some point in my life taping vintage black and white pictures of dogs onto the bathroom wall will seem utterly tacky, but right now it seems like a brilliant idea!


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