To Live In Charleston

{ Written on: 22MARCH2013 }

I’ve been feeling the need for a community lately.  It started with the feeling that everyone I read about is doing cool creative things.  Then I discovered via a friend, the blog of Olivia Rae James, who is a photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina.  Two of her friends had their home featured in Dwell, another is the head chef of a restaurant, her boyfriend works as a graphic designer (I think), they drink wine out of mason jars, take walks along the beach, attend “pop up” dinners, and basically seem to live in mostly idyllic hipster utopia.

The point of all this is that I am so ready to be settled somewhere.  We’ll be here in Cambridge for another year and then we’re off to the next place, wherever I attend grad school.  Then hopefully after that 2 to 3 year stint we’ll be able to choose a place and live there for a while.  Truth be told it is probably going to be good timing (because it will give Martin time to figure out if he likes consulting and we’ll probably be thinking about those crazy things called kids) but I still can’t wait for it.  I want friends that I don’t have to say goodbye to so shortly after getting to know them and I want a house that I can really sink my hands into.

Charleston I really, honestly, feel would be a great city for Martin and I.  I’ve always loved Savannah and would move there in a heartbeat, and Charleston is practically Savannah right?  It’s right on the water so Martin could get his fill of boats, its chock full of southern colonial architecture and Spanish moss, two things I can’t seem to get enough of, it’s in the south so obviously the gun laws have to be better than here in Mass, it’s closer-ish to family (8 hours for mine and 4 for Mart’s), and the weather is pretty darn amazing most of the year!  Pretty sure I just described our ideal place to live!  I am also surprised by the seemingly large amount of creative energy the place has.  I remember WG saying not to move to a place like that because it’s so stuck in the traditional ways, but Olivia’s blog seems to be telling me the exact opposite!  It just goes to show that you can’t trust everything people tell you.

In addition, the scraggly sandy-soiled Carolina trees remind me of the Texan lie oak, which is one of my all time favorite trees, while the city charm reminds me of Europe.  I bet jasmine grows just lovely there and that reminds me of Vicenza. (:


7633283534_f21cd00df5_c  8547675509_378697cd04_c




All images via Olivia Rae James’ blog


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