This Wall Speaks

Will you just look at this wall:

Wall Mural

The home of artist David Bromley, his wife Yuge  |  Photo By: Toby Scott

Oh my gosh, I am so inspired to do something like this in our home one day.  I debated for a second doing it in our bedroom here in Cambridge, but I think the room is too busy to begin with.  Maybe in the bathroom…..hahaha, our landlord has been okay with all my other designer creations but something like that might be taking it too far!  Next place, I am promising myself!

I’ve really been thinking lately that I would like to renovate a home.  Starting with something small and more manageable.  I say more manageable because even the smallest of projects came become large, complicated, and expensive.  All I have to do is convince Martin of this little endeavor of mine!  My BIG DREAM would be to find a decrepit brick warehouse or commercial building to fix up, although I worry about things like insulating brick / stone walls or how much plumbing costs to install if there is nothing to start with (answer: ungodly amount = because you’d have to break into the foundation, right?)

But I’ve just been all too aware lately that I have one life to live and if I keep putting off the things I’d like to accomplish then it won’t ever happen.  So!  I’d like to renovate a home, number 1.  I’d like to live on the water, number 2.  I have been obsessed with the idea of moving to Seattle next and I learned that on Lake Union, right in between the university and downtown, are about 500 houseboats that people live on.  So of course I now have it in my little mind that I want to buy and renovate a houseboat!!!  With a green rooftop deck for the dogs to take care of business on and lounge in the sunshine, if that does exist in Seattle.


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