What Life Is, Or May Be, Be About

Roses6 copy

20:39 – Sometimes I can believe without a doubt that life is about these things:



Spending time enjoying nature & the world

Sharing joy

And when I truly believe in what I just wrote then I feel peace.  But it never lasts and that is the part I can’t figure out.  Because then I get caught back up into the world and start thinking that I am not doing enough.  Not living up to my full potential (but not even knowing what my full potential is, thereby increasing my anxiety.)  Maybe it is because I don’t spend all my day concentrating on these things?

Giving your best to people.  At the end of the day I want to know that I’ve given my best to everyone I’ve encountered.  The challenge comes in when someone has not given their best to me and then I pass that attitude along because they made me feel grumpy and mad!


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