How To Enjoy Temporary Solitude – The Prelude

…I haven’t figure it out yet.  Booooo ):


I’ve found myself yet again in a not unfamiliar situation.  One where everyone has left me!  Martin has been gone for his summer internship at BCG, which was not cool but not bad when you’ve still got your friends with you.  Now all my friends have gone too!  Gone to join their husbands and then post pictures of themselves on Facebook and Instagram showing all the awesome coupley things they get to do this summer.  Meanwhile, I spent all last weekend completely bummed out and moping around, and although I know eventually I’ll hit my stride for now it just sucks.  When we first moved to Texas Martin deployed right away and I found myself alone and friendless, then I met fabulous Katie.  A year and half later the same thing happened, Martin deployed and my two closest friends moved away, one of them being Katie.  Has anyone else been in the situation?  Want to bemoan with me about how awful it is?  I should have titled post / series ‘How to Enjoy Temporary Abandonment” but that is even more depressing.

Hopefully by the end of this mini-series (and the summer) I’ll be finding myself cooking souffles or beading handbags or mastering the art of French cooking!  Probably not though, I’d be happy with a finished grad school portfolio and a consistent Crossfit schedule (do 6 pack abs come with that?)!


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