Pop Bang Boom & A Bird

July 4th weekend in Cambridge…

We were told that you could see the fabulous Boston firework show from any bridge over the Charles, even the ones in Cambridge, so that is where we went!  See those three little red dots just above the skyline?  That’s where we thought we’d be seeing the fireworks appear.

Charles River

Turning our heads to the left, we could see something between the buildings.  Could that be the Boston firework show?  Noooo….I don’t consider that being able to be seen from any bridge along the Charles!  They went on and on, and on and on, when finally we had to admit to ourselves that indeed, it was them.

Boston Pops

Luckily, a walk down the street presented us with a slightly better viewing position.  Just like I imagined watching the famous Boston fireworks.  Exploding over the Rite Aid!! (:

Fireworks over RiteAid 2

Then on Friday, another surprise appeared!  A homing pigeon!!  Skiddish but friendly, he (she?) let me hold it!

Homer Jr 2

I have no clue what made him pit stop at our house.  I was asked if I had homing pigeons of my own, because apparently sometimes they can get confused if there are other homing flocks in the area.  We’ve been having some unseasonably hot days here in Cambridge, maybe the little guy was just dazed, confused, and needed a little pick me up.

Homer Jr

I was able to figure out what his tag read and contacted his owner, and so into my recycling bin he went until his owner arrived to pick him up…

Home Jr in Recycling

Other than that, I’ve built a new dining room table (out of black industrial piping – I am in love!!), worked on my grad school portfolio, and have done my best to keep myself and the dogs from melting in this heat.  With a barely-able-to-keep-up window AC unit in our apartment, being inside provides only a little relief.

Hostas 2

Hostas 1

Now for a lazy Sunday…where’s my iced coffee?

AM Bed Sepia



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