Loving (Or At Least Liking) What You’ve Got

I love our home.  Now for any of you reading this that know me (Hey Jenny!) you’ll probably be thinking, “Umm what the heck Megan?”

Because I don’t love Cambridge, nor do I feel like Massachusetts is home to me (yet? ever?) Our apartment is asses to elbows tiny for two grown humans, three dogs, and zero overflow storage space.  The windows are shaped like parallelograms instead of rectangles (though technically aren’t parallelograms rectangles?  Sorry that’s a tangent….bahahaha get it?  Nerding out over geometry over here.)  Anyways, our windows are whack, our tile floor is cracked all over, the countertops are a sophisticated shade of faux green marble, and our shower looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years, despite me trying every “best miracle cleaner you’ll ever need” on Pinterest.  What else?  Oh the construction..sigh…let’s just say it starts daily at 7 AM and keeps our furniture covered in a layer of filth that comes through the windows.  Obnoxious people bang on our exterior wall as they walk down the sidewalk, getting the dogs all riled up.  Also riling up the dogs are our rat friends that keep creeping around after it gets dark.  And don’t even ask how much we pay per month!  The sad thing is we’ve come to realize that our rental situation is a good deal!  We’ve got a parking spot, in-unit laundry, and didn’t have to kick our dogs out on the streets…whooooo!!!

But I love our home.  While doing some dusting I was trying to figure out a better way to explain myself and I think it boils down to this: I love my husband and our dogs, I love our stuff because most of it has a story attached to it, I love that our house always serves as one great big interior design experiment for me.  I love watering my tomato and herb plants out front and flipping on the broken-when-we-moved-in-but-by-golly-I-fixed-it house light at dusk.  I swoon and immediately get transported back to Vicenza whenever I catch the smell of the jasmine I planted this spring.  I love throwing bird seed out the front door to feed the wild sparrows, making sure that no one is walking by to think to themselves, “Who is that eccentric girl and what on Earth is she doing?!”

I guess you would saying that I am finally learning to embrace the imperfections.  Or if not embrace them at least throw a rug over them and ignore them! (:

What our apartment looked like on move-in day:


And after I got my grubby little hands on it!  Although looking at this I realize I need to take some updated photos.  Sadly that rug lived a short life due to dog puke and those pillows were nixed due to my “sick of seeing them” disease.

LR-after-1 LR-3-after LR-after-2

And the bedroom!  Hey there Baby K, all incognito next to that pile of laundry!




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