The Threat Of Dogs & Smokers

Last winter construction began on what I hoped was new public park, excitedly I thought I’d have another nearby spot to let the dogs romp around in.  Boy was I wrong.  I watched with mounting disappointment as the area was constructed, and now finished, 90% of it is man-made infrastructure.  The ground is sterile padded rubber so that little kiddos don’t fall and hurt themselves, banning dirty knees as a thing of the past!  Installed are metal and plastic climbing structures which I suppose are meant to offer a variety of stimulating play, but are completely soulless and in my opinion, eye sores to look at.  Where are the rocks to overturn looking for bugs and salamanders?  Where is the creek to splash and slip in?  Where are the trees to climb, simultaneously filling you with terror from the height but awe inspiring from the bird’s eye perspective their limbs provide?

Circles 1 Draft Circles 2 Draft 1

Architectural diagrams – The more monochromatic top circles are photos taken of the park during the final phases of construction.  The rest is my interpretation of what the space could have been.  Wild, beautiful, carefully cultivated so that things appeared untethered, public garden spaces that people and creatures of all types could enjoy.  Here was my idea, no play structures or padded ground, just imagination.

Wild garden diagrams draft

*Summertime update: They have added some nice landscaping to the area but I still hold strong to my belief that if designed differently the park could have been so much better & enjoyed by a wider range of people.

Also, one day this appeared, which ironically brings me snarky amusement every time I walk by.  Y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause they’re dogs and smokers out here!

Sign on Peabody Terrace Park


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