Tony & Esther’s Place

This past summer Martin was in Dallas interning at BCG, the job requires a lot of traveling but he still needed a crash pad for the weekends.  Insert Tony & Esther’s charming home in Forest Hills.  I sometimes feel that when people hear I am an interior designer that they assume the only kind of homes I fancy are big, expensive, luxuriously decorated ones.  Many times though that can’t be further from the truth, I prefer a home that is cozy and lived in to something styled sterile any day of the week.

I did find Tony and Ester’s place to be giggle worthy in one regard.  I told Mart is was as if they went all out with their decorating 20 years ago, dusted their hands off, and settled in for the rest of their lives.  Quite different from our home, where the decor is never really finished!


Florida Room

Foyer Table

Gold Velvet Chair

Potted Plants on White Wicker

Sherbert DR 1


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