Lomography First Attempts


A few weeks ago One Kings Lane had this adorable little camera for sale and I almost immediately had one in my shopping cart for purchase.  But there was something holding me back, you see over a year ago I bought a Diana F+ from a friend, stocked up on film, went on a trip to Panama with Martin, shot said film, and then nothing.  Having the film developed, since it was an uncommon 120mm, would cost me an arm and a leg, and because I had no clue if I had even used the camera correctly (I feared paying a lot of money to get entirely black frames back) the undeveloped film sat in our cabinet for months and months.

So when along comes this flash sale for a totally cute 35mm camera my interest and curiosity in analogue photography was again piqued.  Here was a camera that could provide hipster quality photos AND I could get the film developed at the Rite Aid down the street!  Me, the eternal cheapo, decided to troll Ebay for a while to see if I couldn’t find this La Sardina for less, which I did!

And here…da da da, are my first photos.

Dino Tracks


Dino Track Sign

Martin Cowboy

Texas Sky


Walking Path

Yellow Flowers

Texas Water 1


All of the above photos, with the exception of my Ralphers, were taken at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas.  Those are actual fossilized dino tracks you all are seeing in that first photo!  So cool, huh?

Getting this film back from Rite Aid felt like Christmas, except I have to admit, I felt disappointment when looking through the photos for the first time.  This camera promises vivid colors and multiple exposures, and while the multiple exposure glitch must have been an user error (oops), what’s up with the muted colors?  Bad cheap Rite Aid film?

Stay tuned though, I finally did get some of my Diana F+ film developed recently and am thrilled with the results.  As soon as I scan them in, I’ll share!



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