My mission this afternoon was to document the uglies of Cambridge.  It is kind of unfair of me to only post the pretty pictures here, right?  Because it distorts reality.  And the reality is Cambridge is not as charming as we all expected it to be.  In fact, part of the reason why I started photographing all the pretty things I saw on my walks was to foster a more positive attitude towards the city I call (our temporary) home.  I still don’t love this city like I thought I would, but I have to admit, I don’t totally despise it like I did a few months ago.  Damn you Massachusetts and your beautiful summer-yet-taste-of-fall-in-the-wind weather!!  I’m sure if you live around here its already been mentioned in a Facebook feed or two, but this weather is quite literally the best ever.  The best.  Like even Texas can’t touch this weather and I love me some Texas!

White Chippy House

Green House Red Trim White Honda

Mint Green

Utility Boxes

White Chips and Rusty Fence

Brown and White

Half Way House

Halk in Rear

Red House2

White tile and brick

White and Tan House




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